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theatre performance student finds his niche in prince edward island

adan bram grew up in mexico city, along with about 8.85 million other people.

when he decided to study acting for film and television, he moved to l.a., population 4 million.

then he moved to new york city, population 8.6 million, to check the art scene.

after doing a few auditions, he decided that he wanted to focus on stage acting, singing and dancing, and moved to charlottetown, prince edward island, population 36,094 to study theatre performance at the school of performing arts, a partnership between holland college and confederation centre of the arts. 

“after i studied tv and film in california, i wanted to expand into theatre, to focus on singing and dancing as well as acting,” he said.

 he’s enjoying the small class sizes and the one-on-one instruction this allows for. the program is based in confederation centre of the arts to give students the opportunity to learn their craft in a professional arts environment. adan has been enjoying the experience.

 “after living in such large cities all my life, small-town living appeals to me,” he said.

the theatre performance program teaches the acting, voice, and dance skills required for interdisciplinary performers, and provides a comprehensive understanding of associated careers in the performing arts.

students are encouraged to develop their artistic voice through courses in creativity and improvisation, while also learning business and communication skills related to the performance industry.

the students are currently preparing for an evening cabaret, a project that has given them the opportunity to put not only their voice and acting skills to work, they have used the organizational and communications skills as well.

after he graduates next spring, adan hopes to say on the island for a least a couple of summers, the time of year when the theatre scene is most vibrant here. he’s interested in getting involved in the local film scene, which has been steadily growing stronger over the past few years.

after that, he plans to move to vancouver or toronto to continue his career; but it seems as though a little part of his heart will always remain here, on prince edward island.

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date: november 20, 2019